Here's what some of our client's have had to say about us . . .

My son saw Elf Sneaky Bottom at a friend's party and loved him (I thought he was great too). He had the children captivated and laughing and the parents too. After seeing Elf Sneaky Bottom my son kept saying he wanted him at his party. I'd never booked an enterainer before so it was great to have seen him in action. When he arrived at our party it was fantastic the way he took control and the children suddenly sat down quiety (they'd been running around like mad things moments before). He has a great repertoire of tricks, gags and songs and of course there's lots of 'pop offs' which the children love! My son is still talking about him two months later.
- Jenny

Elf Sneaky Bottom provided much needed entertainment for the hoards of children at our home based wedding. He had the children laughing from beginning to end with his songs, tricks and humorous antics. Elf was reliable and his performance lived up to everything he said it would be and more. He was original and the kids really appreciated this. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for parties, weddings and any occasion requiring a unique sense of fun and good times for young and old.
- Cath

From the moment Elf Sneaky Bottom entered our house, the children were captivated. There was something magical about his presence. Even before Elf Sneaky Bottom opened his guitar case and colourful suitcase, the children were rolling around on the floor laughing. He had all of the children eating out of his hand... and some of the parents! I would recommend Elf Sneaky Bottom for any birthday party or celebration.
- Melody