Cheeky Entertainment for kids & grown-ups.

Elf Sneaky Bottom’s amazing Comic Characters provides high quality shows & hilarious roving characters filled with heart and soul for audiences of all ages. Developed and performed by Stefano Fioretti for over 16 years, each character has been honed to suit it's audience.

Children will laugh, play – and learn – with Elf Sneaky Bottom, Spaghetti the Clown, Max Magician, Spiderman and a host of other delightful characters.

The Wonderful Elf Sneaky Bottom
My son saw Elf Sneaky Bottom at a friend's party and loved him (I thought he was great too). He had the children captivated and laughing and the parents too. After seeing Elf Sneaky Bottom my son kept saying he wanted him at his party. I'd never booked an enterainer before so it was great to have seen him in action. When he arrived at our party it was fantastic the way he took control and the children suddenly sat down quiety (they'd been running around like mad things moments before). He has a great repertoire of tricks, gags and songs and of course there's lots of 'pop offs' which the children love! My son is still talking about him six months later.

Introducing the Comic Characters starring...

Biscuit the Chef

Biscuit the Magical Chef cooks up a magical storm with a mixture of illusions, games, music and juggling. This highly interactive show has children in hysterics as the most horrible of ingredients are transformed into a truly delicious treat.