Elf Sneaky Bottom

Elf Sneaky Bottom's name and antics have made him the most popular Elf in Melbourne. Audiences adore the cheek and naughtiness of Elf Sneaky Bottom. Children giggle at the mere mention of his name. Elf Sneaky Bottom introduces children to his magical world of mythical friends: elves, faeries, witches and goblins. His elfish antics feature magic, acrobatics, balloons and games as well as stories, and songs set to live guitar or mandolin. Elf Sneaky Bottom’s shows are sprinkled generously with humor and fairy dust.

Included in a typical one hour show is guitar and hilarious songs, one or two short stories on an enchanted magical land and his hilarious family, impressive and comical magic with the use of volunteers( guaranteed to have the children in stitches ), in one magic trick we turn popping corn seeds into pop corn......... instead they turn into lollies so each child gets a lollie. We play games like musical statues, catch-a-bubbles (bubbles that actually stick to their fingers) and delightful balloon animals for each child, provided there are less than 25 kids. Near the end of the party we sing happy birthday traditional then a rock’n roll version.