Charlie Chaplin

The ageless little tramp charms audiences with an irresistible mixture of acrobatic slapstick, comic inventions and romantic magic. With the tap of his cane, the tip of his hat and the click of his shuffling shoes, his hilarious humor and highly interactive show will be the talk of the town long after the party is over.

Spaghetti The Clown

Spaghetti the Clown is the classic lovable buffoon. Especially talented at warming the heart of even the shiest child, Spaghetti’s show is brimming with games, music, singing, magic and mind bending balloon sculpture.

As a roving entertainer Spaghetti surprises and delights unsuspecting onlookers. His spontaneity and wit ensure older audiences are equally amused.

Max The Magician

Max Magician charms audiences with his smooth witty banter and his amazing conjuring skills. Spellbound onlookers are baffled by his tricks at one moment, and laughing uncontrollably the next. The suave and savvy Max Magician never has trouble enticing eager assistants to help present his illusions and this audience participation makes his shows all the more captivatingly hilarious

Austin Powers

Yeah Baby, Austin Danger Powers, the shagadelic international man of mystery. Cryogenically unfrozen and looking for a party, Baby! Do I make you horny Baby?!?

Energy Man

From a neighboring solar system, the space age hero, Energy Man makes quite an entrance…he hops, jumps, leaps, skips on his amazing bouncing stilts…Energy man, makes an impression…your guests have never seen anything quite like this!

Comico Mareau Leaning.JPG
Comico Marceau

Comico Marceau combines wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary mime expressing the art of silent performing. He pdelivers a wonderful mix of Mime, Magic and Balloons. Great for a Show or Roving entertainment.

Captain Fantastic

Meet the wacky, try hard, super hero Captain Fantastic. Dressed to impress in sixties polyester jumpsuit and y fronts, he’s off to save the world, yet again. Villains be scared be very, very scared!

CaptainBlood3 (2).jpg
Captain Blood

This evil pirate is possessed by a dark curse (or perhaps it’s just a perpetual hangover). He’s in search of his lost crew, his buccaneers, and a mysterious treasure. Hoist the Jolly Roger, baton the hatches and break out the whisky.

Kevin Edgar

This geeky guy meets and greets. He’s suave, debonair, and full of confidence, a real ladies man. Just look at that winning smile and those teeth…those teeth!!!?!

Demon Man

If you are hellbent on having a party your guests will remember for an eternity, unleash the beast and invite the Prince of Darkness himself. This evil or comical character arrives on regular stilts or stilts that bounce.....yes that's right he can jump, skip or run. Have another look at the photo.

Santa Claus & Elf

Santa Claus is the king of joy, giving and mystery for children, while Elf Sneaky Bottom is the prince of cheekiness

Santa's Helpers

SShhhh…. Here comes Elf Sneaky Bottom. He’s been making mischief in Santa’s toy shop again!! Join in the merriment and celebrate the season to be jolly with this cheeky elf and his special Christmas cheer.

Green Man

The Green Man has assisted Maroondah City Council and many of its citizens cross the road safely as part of the Councils Awareness Program


Here is Unicyclist Stev at the 2008 Myer Christmas Parade.

Stilt Walkers

Stilt characters offer a surprising and festive atmosphere to any event. Comic Characters provides an array of stilt characters, such as Clowns and Hollywood Stars on Stilts including Austin Powers and Charlie Chaplin. For absolute impact our Characters can perform on Power Skips (bouncing stilts!!) featured in the Olympic Games. Talk to us about customizing a stilt characters for your special event.