Children's Shows

Bob the Builder
Captain Underpants
Elf Sneaky Bottom

Elf Sneaky Bottom's name and antics have made him the most popular Elf in Melbourne. Audiences adore the cheek and naughtiness of Elf Sneaky Bottom. Children giggle at the mere mention of his name. Elf Sneaky Bottom introduces children to his magical world of mythical friends: elves, faeries, witches and goblins. His elfish antics feature magic, acrobatics, balloons and games as well as stories, and songs set to live guitar or mandolin.
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Spaghetti The Clown

Spaghetti the Clown is the classic lovable buffoon. Especially talented at warming the heart of even the shiest child, Spaghetti’s show is brimming with games, music, singing, magic and mind bending balloon sculpture.

As a roving entertainer Spaghetti surprises and delights unsuspecting onlookers. His spontaneity and wit ensure older audiences are equally amused.

Max The Magician

Max Magician charms audiences with his smooth witty banter and his amazing conjuring skills. Spellbound onlookers are baffled by his tricks at one moment, and laughing uncontrollably the next. The suave and savvy Max Magician never has trouble enticing eager assistants to help present his illusions and this audience participation makes his shows all the more captivatingly hilarious

Cowboy Woodsie

Woodsie is out for an adventure in search of his best mate Buzz. Singing songs to his guitar, performing rope magic and playing backyard sporty games, Woodsey makes new friends and has loads of fun along the way

Santa Claus & Elf

Santa Claus is the king of joy, giving and mystery for children, while Elf Sneaky Bottom is the prince of cheekiness

Captain FeatherBrain

Hoist the Jolly Roger, and shout ‘ship ahoy’ as the rollicking Captain FeatherBrain makes your party his next port of call. Make way for this mighty pirate lugging a treasure chest of sweets, songs, stories, games, balloon bending swords and magical surprises. Baton the hatches and hold onto your hats your in for a rip-roaring time.

Santa's Helpers

SShhhh…. Here comes Elf Sneaky Bottom. He’s been making mischief in Santa’s toy shop again!! Join in the merriment and celebrate the season to be jolly with this cheeky elf and his special Christmas cheer.

Bat Man.JPG

Batman fights crime and longs to reunite with Robin.

Luigi(Mario Bros)
Captain Blood

This evil pirate is possessed by a dark curse (or perhaps it’s just a perpetual hangover). He’s in search of his lost crew, his buccaneers, and a mysterious treasure. Hoist the Jolly Roger, baton the hatches and break out the whisky.

SpiderBoy (1).jpg

Spiderboy will one day be Spiderman. Until that day Spiderboy shall entertain at parties and functions. (Only joking.......proper photo appearing soon).

Luke Skywalker
Wizard DragonBreath.JPG
Wizard Dragonbreath

Wizard Dragonbreath, friend to Albus Dumbledore, is a Muggle born detector. He interviews and tests young half born wizards to discover their eligibility to school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Indiana Jones
Zoo Keeper
Captain Underpants
Peter Pan
Robin Hood

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Biscuit the Chef

Biscuit the Magical Chef cooks up a magical storm with a mixture of illusions, games, music and juggling. This highly interactive show has children in hysterics as the most horrible of ingredients are transformed into a truly delicious treat.

Bob the Builder